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The human realities of the living are now
As close to me as my own–oh, see how
Dusty that plant gets when you don’t clean
It! The rippling day is a fabulous lesson,
My pants are too loose, and yet. Bon nuit,
Mes chéries! All over the whole neighbor-
Hood, your fluid legs move–you are all 
Permission and flounce, and your stockings
Catch in the mere light. Perfection, wholeness
Is what I see now in everyone I touch. That
Day when two men came in from the stream,
Wet, bothered, the windows were blackened,
And the cats ran around. Rain came, but
Also sunlight, and the years of hard living
Dissolved. A blanket of verbs crosses the
Threshold. Poetry, you are mine, and I will
Go anywhere with you. A gap in the mind,
A spangled street, my spine, perfectly erect now,
Chooses these words, yet it as if I have no choice.



About this Poem:
“The poem came out of the end of many years of personal suffering. What I found at the end was just love, love for others and love for God. The series I wrote called ‘Compassion’ is titled after John Coltrane’s piece, ‘Compassion.'”

Noelle Kocot


Noelle Kocot

Noelle Kocot is the author of numerous collections of poems  including, The Bigger World  (Wave Books, 2011) and the  forthcoming Soul in Space  (Wave Books, 2013). She was   born and raised in Brooklyn,  New York and resides in New  Jersey.



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