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Sweet and low, sweet and low,
Wind of the western sea,
Low, low, breathe and blow,
Wind of the western sea!
Over the rolling waters go,
Come from the dying moon, and blow,
Blow him again to me;
While my little one, while my pretty one, sleeps.

Sleep and rest, sleep and rest,
Father will come to thee soon;
Rest, rest, on mother’s breast,
Father will come to thee soon;
Father will come to his babe in the nest,
Silver sails all out of the west
Under the silver moon:
Sleep, my little one, sleep, my pretty one, sleep.


About This Poem

Tennyson’s long poem “The Princess” has been set to music many times over, most notably as the basis for a Gilbert & Sullivan opera,Princess Ida. This particular section of the poem was set to song in 1863 by Sir Joseph Barnby; this musical setting is claimed to have inspired the name of a well-known sugar substitute.
Alfred Tennyson was born in Somersby, England, on August 6, 1809. Serving as the Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom for over forty years, Tennyson produced some of the best-known poems of the English language, including “Ulysses,” “Tithonus,” and “The Charge of the Light Brigade.” He died in 1892.

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