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Austerity / by Janet Loxley Lewis

Janet Loxley Lewis
                                          From “Cold Hills” 
I have lived so long
On the cold hills alone …
I loved the rock
And the lean pine trees,
Hated the life in the turfy meadow,
Hated the heavy, sensuous bees. Devamını Oku

Vision / by Robert Penn Warren

 Robert Penn Warren
I shall build me a house where the larkspur blooms
In a narrow glade in an alder wood,
Where the sunset shadows make violet glooms,
And a whip-poor-will calls in eerie mood.  Devamını Oku

Suddenly / by Sharon Olds

Sharon Olds

And suddenly, it’s today, it’s this morning
they are putting Ruth into the earth,
her breasts going down, under the hill,
like the moon and sun going down together. Devamını Oku


The Bride Tree Can’t Be Read / by Brenda Hillman

Brenda Hillman
The bride tree puts down its roots
below the phyla. It is there
when we die & when we are born,
middle & upper branches reaching
the planet heart by the billions
during a revolution we don’t see.  Devamını Oku

My Childhood / by Matthew Zapruder

 Matthew Zapruder

the orange ball arcs perfectly into the orange hoop

making a sound like a drawer closing

you will never get to hold that

I am here and nothing terrible will ever happen

across the street the giant white house full of kids

turns the pages of an endless book

the mother comes home and finds the child animal sleeping  Devamını Oku

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