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The Marriage of the Soul (from The Secret Rose Garden)



Descending to the earth, that strange intoxicating beauty of the unseen world
lurks in the elements of nature.

Devamını Oku


Remorse / by Carl Sandburg


 The horse’s name was Remorse.

There were people said, “Gee, what a nag!”
And they were Edgar Allan Poe bugs and so
They called him Remorse. Devamını Oku


The Wife-Woman / by Anne Spencer


Maker-of-Sevens in the scheme of things
From earth to star;
Thy cycle holds whatever is fate, and
Over the border the bar.
Though rank and fierce the mariner
Sailing the seven seas,
He prays as he holds his glass to his eyes,
Coaxing the Pleiades. Devamını Oku


Opening Gambit / by Michael McGriff


Two decommissioned highways cross
and continue toward their borders
with the casual certainty
the dead carry in their sample cases.
Leaning against the wind
I notice tufts of fur in the air
and a driveshaft rising from the sand,
then the horsehair of a violinist’s bow
drawn steadily across my neck. Devamını Oku


French Kissing / by Gregory Sherl

What is there left to do during a truce, but look at boys

swinging swords at the trunks of trees? Devamını Oku


The Fish, the Man, and the Spirit


Leigh Hunt born on October 19, 1784 in London, Leigh Hunt is the author of The Story of Rimini and Hero and Leander. A friend to Shelley and Keats, Hunt died on August 28, 1859. Devamını Oku


On. On. Stop. Stop.

In the old recording of the birthday party,
the voices of the living and the dead Devamını Oku
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